Vibrant Death | Necro-ecologies of Whiteness

Work in Progress

“Vibrant Death” explores changing American death care in relation to environmental concerns, biotech innovations, and neoliberal customization. Through investigating several new commemoration and disposal practices for dead bodies, Krupar shows that the body after death offers an expanded field of material possibilities, conditioned by the logics of ‘no remains,’ ‘sustainable death,’ and ‘bio-presence.’ The article reflects on the relations of power that inform the handling of the dead and the paradoxes and unintended effects of new funerary practices and cultural geographies. The essay concludes by proposing how social justice might be advanced through a material ethics of human remains.

Presentation and discussion of the project at the “Active Matter” workshop of the Culture and Politics Faculty Research Seminar Series “Worldly Compositions: Humans and Nonhumans in the Making of Global Publics” at Georgetown University

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