Waste Complex

Work in Progress

Collaborative book project with C. Greig Crysler (University of California-Berkeley) that explores the intersections of financial and environmental disasters

MoW Memorandum, The New Inquiry 40, May 2015

This report discusses the feasibility of the Museum of Waste (MoW), a virtual museum that explores the residues, excesses, failures, and escalated emergencies of contemporary capitalism through case studies located within the US, but shaped by inextricably global processes. The Museum offers a way to understand the inescapability and non-exteriority of waste: a new horizon of toxic experience that conjoins the human and the non-human, nature and culture. Exhibitions in the MoW are organized around three major themes that rethink the present through waste processes: capital, ecology, and sovereignty. A concluding Zone of Recommendations provides an opportunity to reflect on the knowledge gained from the immersive experience of waste analytics.
*Part of the Trash Issue

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